Monday, November 20, 2006

Sunday Scribblings Prompt: Hero

A boy onced asked me,
"Who is the best hero of all?"
I pondered thoughtfully
"Helen Keller was good,
Firemen work hard,
But I think that the best heroes of all are...

What makes a hero? I'm not sure. Many qualities are needed. Some people say love, others say patience, others hope and others just say devotion. Me, I think that heroes are people who sacrifice a bit of their time to do something good for others. A hero doesn't care what other people say, he just believes in himself. Obstacles are not a necessity, for when someone goes to feed a starving cat, where is the obstacle? However, no matter how many obstacles he has to face, or how many paths he has to take, a hero should always be proud to help.

People's ideas of a hero are mixed up with watching TV, reading comics, etc. But everyone has the same basic idea: a hero helps.

I saw a girl outside once. She was a beggar and dressed in rags. Another little girl saw the beggar-girl but didn't have any money with her. She stopped and pondered for a minute, then went to the the beggar and said sweetly, smiling, "You have such pretty eyes." And you know what? The beggar-girl hugged her! And I think that girl shone with happiness: she had helped someone. To the beggar-girl, that little girl in her blue dress was a heroine.


Jane said...

Great post! I absolutely agree that the true heroes are people that help others and make us feel good, even in the tiniest of ways.

sundaycynce said...

When I defined a hero, I indicated it involved some sacrifice or risk to the hero. Thank your for your brilliant reminder / example of the little girl's compliment. You are so right!!!!! Sometimes it doesn't require sacrifice or money to be a hero, but a compliment or a hug or kind word at the time it is most needed, surely can make one a hero to the person in need.