Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SS # 51: Inspiration

The fairy's wings flutter and,
a little wind crosses my path.
Some dew an maybe even grass
stuck in it.
I catch it in one hand
and like a bird,
carefully carry it home in two hands.
It's trying to escape.
It knows it can.
But my grip is iron,
and there's no escaping.
I carry it along the path,
a struggling, pecking bird.
A few bruises here and there,
not enough to scare.
Putting it on my desk,
a messy tangle of nature's trash.
Pick out all of the garbage,
only aiming for the gold.
And ah! there it is!
Glittery, golden ideas.
Shining like light on a mirror.
Rippling like a fish's scales.
But oh no! my hand loosened
and there it flutters away,
out the window and away, away, away.
Me clawing at useless air,
my pen untouched and paper not crumpled.
Fool's gold.


Kai C. said...


a.Kai said...

what a wonderful image - you grasp and try to hold on, but it escapes, leaving page blank. Very nice

Inconsequential said...

way cool.

one of your better ones :)

etain_lavena said...

I enjoyed it very much Miss:)

Inconsequential said...

this was almost my inspiration post, but it doesn't quite fit...

Follow that thought
Stalk it as it ambles along
Watch it twist and turn and dodge
Chase it as it tries to flee
Corner it in a minds back-alley
Pounce and bring it down
Feast and gorge on its concept…


i'll be posting it soon, but yours reminded me of it, I have to say, I think I prefer your piece as well...

miss magic said...

thanks!! :D

& inconsequetial, i prefer my piece as well. ;) kidding.